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Reservation calendar

Since we are on several website, we will report here the cottage awailability. You can use it to check the date to book, we will keep them for you in priority


Our extra services

Reception Check in

Even if we can't be present at your arrival time, we will personnally welcome you at the end of the afternoon, and if you wish so we can go around the farm

Refreshing from laundry and cleanning
While your staying, we will refresh towel, home laundry and we will even do the cleanning on demand but with additionnal fees


If  you want so, we can provide you breakfast, we have

two option :

1 : Classic breakfast* composed from a drink, a pastry and half a bread for 4 € per person

2 : Extended breakfast* composed from 2 drinks, 2 pastries, bread for 8 € per person

* Breakfast includes  honey, homemade butter and  marmelade.

Drinks are either coffe, milk, chocolate or juice



Please tell us everything about your dream booking 

(the field marqued by '*' are mandatory)

Thank you, we will return to you asap

For booking, please contact us with this form, we will come back to you as soon as we can. 


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